Goddammit, Why is Paul Bettany still attractive, even when he plays a stupid racist fatherman?

What’s It About- Woops. Baby Lily kills mommy accidentally when she’s just 4 years old. Ten years later, Lily runs away from home and takes up house with Queen Latifah August Boatwright, a black beekeeper, and her two sisters. Racist events and bee metaphors ensue.

Why- Jada Pinkett Smith told me to.

Thoughts- While it’s perhaps not the most thought-out plot, there’s a lot to be learned from this novel. First, bees are pretty cool. Second, women are awesome and totes better than men. Get ’em drones outta here. Third, Google Black Madonna. Good times.

Movie ain’t bad either… ‘cept when dey talking all southern and quiet and my New York City ears are like, CAN YOU SPEAK A LITTLE LOUDER PLEASE??!

I need that purple honey like NOW.