“A starring role in Hedwig would rough up his fans a bit and give him the chance to push forth the less mainstream and straight-friendly elements of the non-heterosexual world: the grit, the pain, the sex, the anger. It’s a political move, and as long as the show isn’t watered down for a mainstream audience, it could work.”

What do y’all think?


After Neil Patrick Harris’s fourth time hosting the Tony Awards was a resounding success, it’s clear that the Broadway community has found the perfect poster boy to market to Middle America. Harris, who has starred as the womanizing Barney Stinson on the last eight seasons of How I Met Your Mother (and, of course, charmed the pants off of everyone as a teen prodigy with a medical degree on the TV series, Doogie Howser, M.D.), brings a fresh, irreverent take on the typically stodgy world of musical theatre. His experience on Broadway in edgy productions like Assassins, Rent, and Cabaret also gives him the chops to stand as musical theatre’s liaison to the rest of America: he’s the gateway drug, bringing white-boy joke rap to the same table at which he also serves enough inside jokes to keep the Broadway nerds satisfied. It comes as no…

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