Native New Yorker that I am, I had never been to the Brooklyn Museum before. This was recently rectified when I attended its Target First Saturday,when the museum is open at night every first Saturday of the month and features special art and entertainment events.

Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any of the special events besides a hip hop group performing in the lobby. Instead, I got to see the fantastic collection the museum has, from an extensive Egyptian collection to contemporary installations littered throughout the museum. My favorite piece is The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago’s feminist installation artwork that has been a part of the Brooklyn Museum since 2007. The Dinner Party showcases famous women throughout history in an elaborate dining room. Each place setting denotes a different woman, with ceramic Georgia O’Keefe-esque plates as the centerpieces. What makes the work even more significant is that each place setting represents scores of other women, as outlined in a series of displays outside the room.

I’ll just have a salad.

The atmosphere of the museum during July’s First Saturday had a fun, youthful edge—as if it was a field trip for well-dressed twenty-somethings. And once the museum closes, there are several bars in the area to continue one’s weekend studies.