If you haven’t already heard of Three Day Hangover, you best be getting on the Shakespeare train. Three Day Hangover’s shows have been highlights of the 2013-2014 theatrical year, as they devise awesome ways to present you with a refreshing and insightful production before you drunk-text that friend you’ve always harbored feelings about.


January Lavoy and John Behlmann Perform a Rap Battle from R+J: Star-Cross'd Death Match
January Lavoy and John Behlmann Perform a Rap Battle from R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match

They had their Big Boozy Benefit Dinner on Sunday to promote their new season (which you can learn more about and support at their Kickstarter page). Among the lineup for the dinner was John Behlmann, star of The 39 Steps (a brief obsession of mine in senior year of college) and last year’s amazing burlesque Eager to Lose at Ars Nova. And whaddaya know, Behlmann is also a trapeze performer, a rapper, and an all-around Prince Charming talented guy. We got to ask him about booze and Shakespeare.

LM: Drink of Choice?
JB: Bourbon on the rocks.


LM: Which Shakespearean character would you most like to party with and why?
JB: Definitely Falstaff, no question! Because he’s known for the party and his drinking. He wakes up, drinks, goes to sleep, and wakes up to do it all over again.


LM: What’s your hangover cure?
JB: Lots of sleep and some breakfast sandwiches with bacon and hot sauce.


LM: What kind of drunk are you?
JB: I’m like the attention-seeking, loud one. Like an overeager puppy
LM: No trapezing while drunk?
JB: Um. I would never suggest it.


LM: What drew you to Three Day Hangover’s Big Boozy Benefit?
JB: It’s all about the people. I respect the people and I get to work with people I know and who do great work. I got to see their production of “R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match” and it was so great! Plus, I get to rap here, which is something I don’t always get to do.