Shakespeare? Check. Booze? Check. A lifetime of repressed emotions only now coming to light because you’re pretty fricking tipsy and the bard’s words are hitting you in your hearthome? Well, that depends. Go to Three Day Hangover’s Kickstarter page asap to learn more about their 2014 season, ways you can donate, and scoring a season pass! And if last Sunday’s Big Boozy Benefit is a hint of what’s to come, get thee to that website!

The company brought in some heavy-hitters on Sunday. Greg Hildreth opened the night with a song from their rock musical, Beyond Measure, an adaptation of Measure for Measure. Michael Emerson performed Hamlet’s ‘To Be Or Not To Be” soliloquy. There was a ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ spin on Uncle Vanya, a rap battle between Romeo and Mercutio, and plenty of other thrilling, bourbon-soaked performances.

Among the lineup was Kelli Giddish, Law and Order: SVU‘s latest badass detective. Fun Fact: Kelli’s uber-cool. We met her in the audience of R+J: Star-Cross’d Death Match, and she was such a blast to enjoy the show with. Also, this Southern girl has a great set of pipes and rhymes “motherfucker” with “motherfucker” with suave effortlessness. Another Fun Fact? She touched my hair. I think that makes us BFFs.

Kelli Giddish sings 'Mariana's Lament' from "Beyond Measure"
Kelli Giddish sings ‘Mariana’s Lament’ from “Beyond Measure”

LM: Drink of Choice?
KG: Lemon-lime soda.


LM: Which Shakespearean character would you most like to party with and why?
KG: Falstaff– he’s kind of like the Hunter S. Thompson of Shakespeare.


LM: What’s your hangover cure?
KG: My dog, a little love, and the park.


LM: What kind of drunk are you?
KG: Love-drunk
LM: What drew you to Three Day Hangover’s Big Boozy Benefit?
KG: Because I hate Shakespeare because I never got it! Because I never get the dick jokes, you know? But when I’m with them (Three Day Hangover) I get it! I finally get the dick jokes!