LMezz Interviews Geoff Sobelle

Sara interviews Geoff Sobelle straight off the run of his solo show The Object Lesson at New York Theatre Workshop. The Object Lesson is a performance-installation about the objects we keep and the significance of objects in our lives. The audience is surrounded by storage boxes, which we are encouraged to rummage through. Sobelle combines storytelling, illusion, and movement to recover our most meaningful memories through all our stuff.

sobelle_geoff_object_lesson_2015-16_04_ppGeoff is the choreographer and a performer in Holoscenes, a free public art installation in Times Square June 1-3 from 6-11pm as part of the World Science Festival. His next show, Home, will be performed in New York in Fall 2017.

‘The Great American Drama’ Craves Your Review

If I were a performer, I wouldn’t read my reviews. All that crippling self-doubt and second-guessing? The conflicting, exaggerated demands of a short-sighted audience who just started thinking about my show a few hours ago, while I’ve been grappling with it for months? There’s a reason why comments section have a disable button.

And yet, constant audience review is precisely the motivating force behind the New York Neo-Futurists’ latest show, The Great American Drama, playing through February 5th at A.R.T. Theaters.  Creator Connor Sampson and performers Nicole Hill, Katy-May Hudson, and Dan McCoy gathered nearly 500 surveys that gauged theatregoers’ ideal show. The survey asks participants to rank theatrical elements in order of importance, to state what would they pay to see, suggestions for making money as artists, and other questions to help make the best show possible. The performers try to satisfy as many of the audience’s demands as possible in 90 minutes (the timing’s definitely done right), attempting to create something that is crowd-pleasing in the purest sense of the word. At the end of the night, Sampson asks the audience and his co-stars whether the performance was a success. Audience members text a rating to an online poll, which gets projected on stage and gives the show a grade.

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New Podcast on ‘American Psycho’ and ‘The Total Bent’

Sara and Mariaisabel wonder why American Psycho didn’t receive more acclaim, and discuss all the ways race, religion, and sexuality intersect in Stew’s new musical ‘The Total Bent.’

Brand Spanking New Podcast on Spring Awakening

We gave thanks for musical theater at the Thanksgiving dinner table yesterday, and now we put words into action with a brand new podcast on Deaf West’s revival of “Spring Awakening.” Listen as we glowingly gush over the production, discuss how the show’s inclusive practices illuminate the characterization and choreography, and how adults are just generally lame.

Our Podcast on ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch!’

Sara, a ‘Hedwig’ novice, and Norma, an obsessed fan, finally see ‘Hedwig’ together and discuss their thoughts about the show. We talk about Taye Diggs’ performance and the significance of the first black Hedwig, the press’s awkward and insensitive coverage of the show, and the show’s gender and romantic themes.

Warning: We do let the occasional curse slip  every now and then.

Links to things discussed in our podcast:

That awful TMZ video (dabbling in ass play)

That terrible Theater Talk interview (c’mon guys!)

That insensitve NYTimes profile (seriously now)

Podcast: Oklahoma!: The Sweat, Blood, and Dirt Edition

Website for Oklahoma! at Fisher Center.

Sara and Mariaisabel took a roadtrip upstate to Annandale-on-Hudson’s Fisher Center and saw an immersive and modernized production of Oklahoma! We talk about its relevance to modern America, the exciting new staging, all the delicious chili, and more! Yeeow!

Podcast- Gloria: Stage Violence and Martinis Edition

In this episode: 1) Sara and Norma discuss the news of Deaf West’s Spring Awakening revival (4:45), 2) rank the Hedwig promo photos and celebrate Taye Diggs’ arrival (12:00), and 3) discuss stage violence, realism, and how Gloria and Punk Rock scared the sh*t out of us (17:30).

There are a TON of spoilers in here, so don’t listen if you’re not down for that.

Links to articles/shows mentioned in the podcast:

Theatermania interview with Michael Arden on his vision for Deaf West‘s Spring Awakening.

Gloria at The Vineyard Theatre

Punk Rock at MCC

Howlround article on Violence and Ancient Greek Theater

Podcast #8 on Hamilton at the Public Theater!

Sara and Norma FINALLY talk about Hamilton and prep for the Broadway transfer! Fangirling ensues.

Sara refers to an American Theater article in her discussion of hip-hop in theater. The article is “Sure, ‘Hamilton’ is a Game-Changer, But Whose Game?” by Danny Hoch.

Podcast on ‘Airline Highway’ and ‘The Visit’

We discuss the brilliant, fractured, messy, and joyous Airline Highway at Manhattan Theater Club, and the new Kander & Ebb musical The Visit starring Chita Rivera.

Our discussion of The Visit starts around the 20:00 mark.

For more information on Airline Highway and The Visit.

A link to a mentioned review by Ben Brantley in the New York Times.

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