And the play adaptation, also by Arthur Phillips, at the Guerilla Shakespeare Project

What’s It About: Okay okay. So this book is kinda acting under the “hey, I’m a false book” shtick. Arthur Phillips, the character not the author…except they’re supposedly the same… but they’re not… ANYWAYS, Arthur Phillips is a somewhat reputable and quite personally troubled novelist providing a  introduction to a LONG LOST Shakespeare play called ‘The Tragedy of Arthur.’ Arthur’s con-man father claims to have uncovered the play in his con-man whereabouts and has left it in his will Arthur under the condition that he MUST publish it. Arthur’s father swears up and down that the play is real. Forensics and Shakespeare scholars and publishers also agree it’s real. Trouble is, Arthur doesn’t. And now he’s unwillingly publishing what he believes to be a hoax, using his introduction to present his case. Or is he just resentful of his terrible father and, by Freudian displacement, Shakespeare? Daddy issues ensue. Continue reading “#9- The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips”