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Our Podcast on ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch!’

Sara, a ‘Hedwig’ novice, and Norma, an obsessed fan, finally see ‘Hedwig’ together and discuss their thoughts about the show. We talk about Taye Diggs’ performance and the significance of the first black Hedwig, the press’s awkward and insensitive coverage of the show, and the show’s gender and romantic themes.

Warning: We do let the occasional curse slip  every now and then.

Links to things discussed in our podcast:

That awful TMZ video (dabbling in ass play)

That terrible Theater Talk interview (c’mon guys!)

That insensitve NYTimes profile (seriously now)

Podcast- Gloria: Stage Violence and Martinis Edition

In this episode: 1) Sara and Norma discuss the news of Deaf West’s Spring Awakening revival (4:45), 2) rank the Hedwig promo photos and celebrate Taye Diggs’ arrival (12:00), and 3) discuss stage violence, realism, and how Gloria and Punk Rock scared the sh*t out of us (17:30).

There are a TON of spoilers in here, so don’t listen if you’re not down for that.

Links to articles/shows mentioned in the podcast:

Theatermania interview with Michael Arden on his vision for Deaf West‘s Spring Awakening.

Gloria at The Vineyard Theatre

Punk Rock at MCC

Howlround article on Violence and Ancient Greek Theater

New Tony Awards Podcast!

Sara and Norma are back from radio silence with an unfocused, profanity-filled, takedown and/or lovefest on the 2015 Tony Awards. Sara and Norma swap notes, including lamentations over co-hosts Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth, praises of the musical performances, and deal with some of the broadcast’s problems, including their refusal to show the special Tony Awards speeches and the Tesori/Kron win.

 Links to outside info discussed:
-We mention a vlog channel belonging to a Broadway fashion designer. We incorrectly say its on Stage 32, but it’s actually found on Stage It’s called Dress Up! with George B. Style.
Discussion of Anna Wintour and fashion at the Tonys

The Imperfect Casting of Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig Makes Perfect Sense

“A starring role in Hedwig would rough up his fans a bit and give him the chance to push forth the less mainstream and straight-friendly elements of the non-heterosexual world: the grit, the pain, the sex, the anger. It’s a political move, and as long as the show isn’t watered down for a mainstream audience, it could work.”

What do y’all think?

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