What’s It About: Cal, our hermaphroditic narrator traces his genes and gender identity back to his Greek immigrant grandparents and through to his generation.

Why: I loved The Virgin Suicides, Eugenides first novel, and immediately bought Middlesex and The Marriage Plot.

Thoughts: How do you know when you don’t like a book? Is it when you’re a hundred pages in and, upon realizing there are four hundred more to go, you feel frustrated and a bit nauseous? Is it when the narrator annoys you and you don’t feel the least bit interested in his indulgent detail and pointless asides?

Yea there’s that. All of these applied to my reading of Middlesex But in my reading experience, I can usually tell that I don’t like a book when I feel like I can skip a page and feel like I haven’t missed anything, neither plot-wise or stylistically. A page then turns into a few pages, which then turns into a chapter. By then, I figure the rest of the book is not worth the time.

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