Age of Convoluted Blockbusters

An excellent essay by the always insightful, intelligent, and presumably handsome FilmCritHulk. I feel exactly the same way about Star Trek, Man of Steel, and the past season of Doctor Who.

The Imperfect Casting of Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig Makes Perfect Sense

“A starring role in Hedwig would rough up his fans a bit and give him the chance to push forth the less mainstream and straight-friendly elements of the non-heterosexual world: the grit, the pain, the sex, the anger. It’s a political move, and as long as the show isn’t watered down for a mainstream audience, it could work.”

What do y’all think?

Why The Tony Awards Matter

“The televised Tony Awards matter most because they give every kid I’ve ever worked on a show with, every kid I’ve ever taught, every kid I’ve ever directed, every kid I’ve ever shared a stage with, and every other theater kid in every other town in America, something to dream about when they go to bed at night.”

What do you think about this piece? Given that the Tonys are becoming more and more Hollywood-laden, does that refute the writer’s argument that the Tonys differ from the Oscars because it shows that every kid can achieve his/her dreams?

Some Alternative TONY Awards

Good Times. We’ll miss you 2012-2013 season. Kind of.

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