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“What a Story, Mark!” Reviews “The Disaster Artist”


The Room, my favorite little-bad-movie-that-could, now has its own book by actor/line-producer/survivor Greg Sestero. I was so excited about this book that I contacted all the publicists and received a copy before publication date. Now you can read my review for it on While you do that, I’ll be online shopping for Lisa-blonde wigs in preparation for Sunshine Cinema’s monthly midnight screening of The Room, where Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero will be making an appearance.

PS. If you missed it: Greg Sestero did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. You can read it here.

The Most Anticipated Book of the Fall Releases an Excerpt

Confession: I love The Room. In every way an unintentionally so-bad-it’s-good movie can be loved. When I’m down, an instant pick-me-up is to watch its bizarre flower shop scene. And I’ve done the “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa” gesture far too often.

And have made everyone around me instantly uncomfortable.
And have made everyone around me instantly uncomfortable.

Like many Room fans, I’ve been fascinated by filmmaker Tommy Wiseau’s… everything. And now we can all learn more about the film, because Greg Sestero (Mark! “Oh hi, Mark!”) wrote a book about his experience called The Disaster Artist. It’s coming out in October, and A.V. Club posted an exclusive excerpt from the book. It really can only be described as surreal.

PS. If you didn’t already know, Greg Sestero was a guest on “How Did This Get Made”  and spoke about The Room. I’ve only listened to it twice.

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